System Options

A solar panel system can be set up in different ways, adding various options to suit your needs and budget.

The cheapest system, and quite often giving the best payback in terms of investment v electricity bill savings is:

A medium sized solar panel array, without a battery, but this only works if you use all of your power during daylight hours, for instance an office or place of work.

Most domestic properties will get a shorter payback period and have a more usable system if a battery is added.

Hot Water – Install an Eddi Energy Diverter to heat your hot water cylinder using your solar electricity.  See youtube video here explaining. This will basically act as a battery, heating the water during the day, and allowing you to use your hot water when you want to.

Kitchen Appliances – Use your washing machine / tumble drier / dish washer during the day, using a simple smart plug timer if needed.

Your aim when doing this is to feedback little or no electricity to the grid as you get a lesser amount per kwh that you send to the grid, compared to what you pay for electricity from your energy supplier.

The system to generate and use the most solar energy would be:

Large solar array, with a battery to store the power, Eddie Energy Diverter to heat your water, a smart Electric EV charger like a Myenergi zappi (if you have an electric vehicle). Switch to an electricity tariff that gives you cheap overnight rates to charge your EV and battery if they are not already fully charged by your solar panels. 

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