Average house daily electricity usage

How much electricity does a house use per day?
It’s tricky to be precise with daily usage, because it depends on various factors – such as whether it’s midweek or weekend, how many people live at home, and the number of appliances in use, etc. The time of year is another factor. Darker, colder months mean higher energy bills than in summer, for example.

Taking all this into consideration, household electricity use works out at around 8kWh a day

A single 400w solar panel will produce about 260w an hour for about 4.5 hours a day due to inefficiencies caused by weather and sunlight.

So to cover the entire electricity usage on a house using 8kw hours of electricity a day, you would need about 8 panels, and a battery to store the generated power, to use at the times that you use your electricity

Installing a solar panel array with adequate batteries for energy storage will normally pay for itself in about 6 to 8 years. This time will become shorter as energy prices continue to increase. After its payback period all the energy it produces is free. 

A south facing panel array will give the best output from your panels.  Other directions still work, but are less efficient. Other factors such as shading and the cleanliness of your panels will effect their output.

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