Electric Vehicle charging point installers

Installing in Northampton and surrounding towns and villages

Moulton Solar are specialist installers of car charging stations, serving the whole of Northamptonshire

Serving Northampton, whether you’re Home owner, an architect or business owner, we can help find the most cost-effective solutions and sometimes even generate a second income stream. We are an independent EV charger consultants and Installers. We work with the main EV charger manufactures but we are not tie to any particular brand. This gives us the flexibility to design and install the best and affordable EV charging system for your particular needs.

Linking your Solar Panel system to a smart EV charger like a Zappy to charge your vehicle is a great way of getting free power to charge your vehicle

Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) EV chargers

Vehicle-to-grid technology – also referred to as ‘V2G’ – is the process of feeding the energy stored in an electric vehicle’s (EV) battery back into the National Grid. You can also use this system to power your house rather than feed it back to the grid. How it works If you have charged you EV during the day using your solar energy, and do not need the vehicle fully charged the next day, you can feed the energy back to your house in the evening to use, thus making your car battery an extra battery for your home.