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Moulton Solar are specialists in installing Solar Panel energy systems in Northampton.  Fully qualified in Electrical installations and in Solar Panel and Battery Storage systems. We are certified installers of the leading solar equipment manufacturers 

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With the continued rise in energy costs, a solar panel installation will not only help you reduce your annual energy bills but it will also reduce your carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Solar Panels have decreased in cost and improved in efficiency over the last 10 years, and is now considered one of the most cost effective and efficient ways to generate free, green energy. With a shorter than ever payback time you can greatly reduce your energy costs and reliability on the mains grid.

Following the end of the UK Feed-in Tariff scheme in 2019, solar PV installations are now supported by the Government’s Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). For the latest payback rates from 1st October 2022 check with your energy supplier.

The SEG has been set by the Government for energy companies with 150,000 or more customers to offer a tariff and make payments for surplus energy fed back to the grid.

Northamptonshire, and particularly Northampton, is well suited to solar energy due to its lower than average rainfall / cloud coverage compared to many parts of the UK.

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Save up to £1,500 a year 

With a 5KW Solar System installed by Moulton Solar, you’re local Solar Expert in Northampton. 

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Moulton Solar are MCS certified installers

Why is being MCS registered important? Only MCS certified installers can register you to receive your SEG export payments.

Also Using a MCS certified installer ensures that equipment meets good standards of performance and that installers are technically safe and competent. 


Moulton Solar are also RECC certified installers

RECC sets out high consumer protection standards for businesses who are selling or leasing renewable energy generation systems to domestic consumers. RECC is approved by Chartered Trading Standards Institute as part of the Consumer Codes Approval Scheme and is also a TrustMark Scheme Operator.

expanding solar industry

What is the average cost of installing solar panels in the UK?

Contact us to discuss what the costs, possibilities and energy savings are for you.

The energy bills crisis has prompted a big rise in demand for solar panels.

Just over 3,000 solar installations are being carried out every week, according to trade association Solar Energy UK, up from 1,000 a week in July 2020.

“More solar panels are being put on British roofs than ever before,” said Chris Hewett, chief executive of Solar Energy UK.

The fact that renewable energy helps protect the planet has always made it an attractive option.

Businesses in Northampton can benefit from investing in our solar power systems – it’s a clean green energy source that provides your business premises with free power and gives you a good marketing angle as you’re doing your bit to reduce your carbon footprint. Businesses operating in daytime hours are ideal as they may not need the additional cost of fitting batteries, as their electricity usage is during your solar generation hours

The PV installation itself will involve the following steps:

Put up scaffolding for roof access – this may not be necessary if your property has only one storey or access is possible using a tower system.
Attach roof hooks to rafters – roof tiles/slates will need to be removed in order to screw the hooks for the frame into your roof rafters. The tiles/slates will be replaced once this is complete,
Fix frame to hooks – Worki9ng from a detailed plan from our surveyor, the rails that make the mounting frame are attached to the roof hooks and screwed together
Mount PV panels onto frame – the panels containing photovoltaic cells are mounted onto the roof frame with the use of clamps
Connect panels to inverter – the solar panels DC output is wired to the inverter which then converts the electricity into AC for use by your property’s electrical appliances or for export to the grid. The DC cabling can either be placed underneath roof tiles and wired to an inverter within your property or mounted externally.
Electrical wiring – the DC output from the roof array is wired to the inverter, and the AC output from the inverter is connected to your property’s electricity supply and the electricity grid. Other electrical components such as AC & DC isolators are installed for safety, and an Ofgem-approved generation meter will be placed after the inverter.  You may have also ordered other items such as batteries for power storage and a smart energy system such as an eddi eco-smart energy diverter

Final checks – Our installer will perform final electrical safety and performance checks before commissioning the system, and provide you with the necessary documentation (manuals, warranties, maintenance information)

What is the energy price cap?

The energy price cap sets a maximum price that energy suppliers can charge consumers for each kilowatt hour (kWh) of energy they use. How much you pay depends on how much energy you use.

The cap is a government protection, calculated by Ofgem. At Ofgem we regulate energy suppliers, but we do not regulate the oil and gas production sector. The cap ensures that the profit energy suppliers make is capped. 

The energy price guarantee is a temporary additional measure to protect consumers from the recent significant increases in wholesale gas prices. The guarantee was put in place on 1 October 2022 and will last until April 2024. It means that consumers will pay less for their energy than they would under the price cap.

Installing solar panels will ensure the electricity you generate will help protect you against further price increases once the price cap is removed

For further information on the Energy Price Guarantee, please visit Energy bills support factsheet – GOV.UK (


See how electricity prices are rising against inflation

Latest Energy News

01 July 2023 – E ON next SEG payments now 16.5 pence per kWh paid for exported electricity

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